Accelerate Your Success and Influence 

Kingdom Business Leaders is a program for business leaders who desire to take their businesses to the next level.

As a Christian leader in the marketplace, you have a unique calling on your life. You also face unique challenges—balancing financial success with faith and family. Kingdom Business Leaders will help to accelerate the success and influence of Christian business leaders.

We combine events, groups, training programs, and resources, all equipping business leaders to have a strong relationship with God and build healthy families and businesses. As you connect with like-minded people, you will receive encouragement and support on your personal and professional journeys.

Discover how biblical principles have the power to transform your business and your life as you develop wisdom, leadership ability, and skills to take ground and accomplish big vision.

Our Pillars

Kingdom Business Leaders is a comprehensive ministry for discipling business leaders through four key strategic elements.

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Members of Kingdom Business Leaders (KBL) are invited to attend all of the engagement events. These events are designed to inspire and equip business leaders with greater skills and knowledge, while offering them an opportunity to fellowship with like-minded business leaders.

KBL events are typically held 2-4 times per year during breakfast or lunch and feature a keynote guest speaker, Q&A, small group discussion, and activation.


Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.


Proverbs 27:17

Many Christian business owners feel isolated in business. They need a safe, confidential environment to build authentic peer relationships and share personal, professional, and spiritual challenges. Our groups provide a place for men and women to grow in their walks with God and integrate faith into every area of their lives. These groups also allow them to solicit candid feedback, work through organizational issues, and make informed decisions.

Kingdom Business Leader groups are for business owners only at this time. The groups are typically made up of 8-12 people (although sometimes there are smaller groups of 3-4 people) with similar levels of business and leadership experience. The groups meet on a regular basis, two hours twice a month with a trained facilitator. During group meetings, group members review a lesson, discuss application, review homework, have Q&A, and pray.

Groups meet every two weeks monthly for 5 consecutive months, breaking in June and December.

The KBL group curriculum is focused on helping business owners grow closer to God as they take their businesses to the next level. The curriculum’s discussion questions provide opportunities for members to develop business policies and best practices that are based on biblical principles.

The three-year curriculum includes topics such as:

  • Vision, Mission and Values
  • Developing Key Performance Indicators
  • The Theology of Work
  • Creating a Strategic Business Plan
  • The Ultimate Customer Experience
  • Life Purpose and Calling
  • Being a Faithful Steward
  • Team Building and Human Resources
  • How to Succeed at Sales
  • And much more


The heart of Kingdom Business Leaders is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who are called to work in the marketplace.  We accomplish this by offering training classes, seminars, and tool days on relevant business, personal, and spiritual topics.  They are led by subject matter experts to equip business leaders, increase their faith, be led by the Holy Spirit, and teach them how to apply biblical principles to their businesses and lives.


There are hundreds of resources published for business leaders every year ranging from books to webinars to business courses. Most business leaders do not have time to figure out the best resources. We take all the guess work out to the process, giving Kingdom Business Leader members access to an extensive library of world class business resources, all carefully selected to foster personal, professional and spiritual growth and help develop them into the leaders God has called them to be.

Is Kingdom Business Leaders Right for You?

It is the perfect program for business leaders who desire to...

  • Learn keys to growing and fortifying their business
  • Grow in their walk with Christ
  • Fellowship and collaborate with like-minded Christian business leaders
  • Develop discipleship habits that can transform your life and those around you

How the Program Benefits You

By getting involved in Kingdom Business Leaders, you will:

  1. Receive high level business training from top Christian business leaders
  2. Learn what the Bible has to say about business and develop a closer walk with God
  3. Develop skill sets to accelerate and increase your success and influence in the business world
  4. Be a part of a safe, confidential environment for like-minded business leaders to build authentic peer relationships
  5. Receive candid feedback on your personal, professional, and spiritual challenges by mature Christian business leaders

The Kingdom Business Leaders program is designed
to serve two categories of people with different opportunities for each.


Business Owners

A business owner is defined as someone who owns a majority interest in a business and is operating full time as the company leader. Opportunities we provide for business owners include:

1. Events
2. Groups (our curriculum is owner-specific at this time)
3. Training 
4. Resources
5. Self-study program

Corporate Leaders

A corporate leader is defined as someone who is a President or C-Level Executive of a private or public corporation that has more than 100 employees, or a Vice President who oversees at least 50 employees. Opportunities available to corporate leaders include:

1. Events
2. Training
3. Resources
4. Self-study program

A Few Notes & Guidelines

At this time, our program is NOT intended for:

  • non-profit leaders
  • first-time start-up entrepreneurs who have been in business less than a year
  • direct sales agents
  • network marketers
  • manufacturing sales representatives
  • realtors working for franchise real estate organizations
  • financial advisors working for franchise financial organizations


Also, Kingdom Business Leaders is not a networking organization. We understand that business opportunities might occur organically, but we prohibit overt networking and solicitation. Our desire is to provide a safe place for business leaders to connect, learn, and gain insights from others, without concern that they will be sales targets. The current groups curriculum is specific to business owners only. We hope to expand the curriculum to include corporate leaders in the future.



Kingdom Business Leaders has helped me to realize that when God owns my business, He brings the opportunities and the increase. And when you do business God's way—success always follows.


– P.C., KBL Group Member

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