Many Christian business owners and leaders feel isolated in business. At times, they feel they are constantly looked at as sales targets. They need a safe, confidential environment to build authentic peer relationships by sharing personal, professional, and spiritual challenges. Kingdom Business Leaders groups provide a place for men and women to grow in their walk with God and integrate faith in every area of their lives. They are also able to solicit candid feedback and work through situational issues in order to make informed decisions. The custom-designed curriculum and discussion questions provide opportunities for members to shape or develop business policies and best practices that are consistent with Biblical principles.

Kingdom Business Leader groups are made up of 8-12 people meeting on a regular basis with a trained facilitator. These groups provide an opportunity to connect with other business leaders who have comparable business and leadership experience. Group meetings are designed to provide assistance, discussion, and Biblical counsel as well as resources to challenge, inspire, support, and equip leaders in all areas of life and business.

You must be a member of the Kingdom Business Leaders program to participate in a Kingdom Business Leaders group. Eligible candidates are invited to apply here to become a member of Kingdom Business Leaders.

Sample Lesson Summary


We believe every Christian organization needs a clear vision that comes from God. This vision should ultimately be written and made plain so that everyone who reads it can "run" with it.

Our curriculum includes lessons such as...



  • It All Starts With Vision
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Understanding You
  • The Building Blocks of Sales
  • The Ultimate Customer Experience
  • How to Go on a Sabbatical
  • Five Ways to Prosper Your Business
  • ...and more



Group Testimonies

"God is my source, not my clients, I have begun replacing burdensome and less profitable clients by asking God for the specific type of clients and accounts we need to grow and be more profitable, and now I am getting those exact and specific results we have prayed for, By implementing the KPI’s a tenured employee I thought had little or no future is now our top performer!"


"Kingdom Business Leaders has taught me the power of surrendering & giving my business to God. We were recently able to take a lengthy international trip and know our business was continuing to thrive in our absence with the systems and processes we have applied from semester 1 and we were able to enjoy our trip and be at peace."


"Kingdom Business Leaders has helped to realize that when God owns my business, He brings the opportunities and the increase. And when you do business God's way -success always follows."


"After completing my first semester of Kingdom Business Leaders, my company had a record quarter, it was almost double our best previous quarter, and God continues to grow and expand my business through Kingdom Business Leaders."


"Having also completed strategic coach at a cost of almost $8k a year, I can say the quality and caliber that Kingdom Business Leaders offers its members  is excellent and on par with many MBA level courses,  plus you have the added benefit of learning through a Biblical world view, while developing relationships within our own church and community. It has helped me develop skill sets for a more profitable and successful business."


"Kingdom Business Leaders has shown me in order for my business to be truly blessed, God needs to be the CEO. I have since changed my approach, so before I make "any" decisions I ask God what he would like me to do first. He has directed me successfully every time, Gods prospering and growing the business, and we will be completely free of all business and consumer debt before the end of semester 2!"